What vehicles do you offer?

Lex -

You can book a range of vehicles through Booking.com Rides, from four-seater Standard cars, to Executive and Luxury models. For bigger groups you can choose a people carrier in various sizes.

As much as we'd love to tell you exactly what the make and model of your taxi will be, our partners have a range of vehicles and we can't guarantee a specific car or people carrier. Instead you can choose a class of vehicle, for example:

  • Standard - Skoda Octavia or similar

  • Executive - Mercedes Benz E-Class or similar

  • Luxury - Mercedes Benz S-Class or similar

  • People carrier - Peugeot 5008 or similar

  • Large people carrier - Ford Tourneo or similar

  • Minibus - Renault Master or similar

  • Executive people carrier - Mercedes V-Class or similar

Important: When choosing your taxi, make sure you check the passenger and luggage capacities match your needs.

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