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Types of vehicles, including luggage and passenger capacity

Claire -

The following classes of vehicles are offered when making a booking;

  • Standard (Volkswagen Passat or similar) – 3 to 4 passengers, plus 2 to 3 Standard bags 
  • Executive (Mercedes Benz E-Class or similar) – 3 to 4 passengers, plus 2 to 3 Standard bags
  • People carrier (Volkswagen Sharan or similar) – 6 passengers, plus 3 Standard bags
  • Large people carrier (Renault Traffic or similar) – 8 passengers, plus 5 Standard bags

Depending upon location, other vehicle categories may be available, should this be the case, these will be displayed in the results of your search.

When choosing a vehicle, please pay attention to the passenger and luggage capacity icons and values.

The luggage capacity is based on the recommended number of Standard bags each vehicle's boot can carry comfortably. Should you exceed this limit you may be required to travel with your additional luggage in the passenger compartment.

If you have any special requirements for luggage, for example golf bags, skis or extra-large suitcases, please tell us in the “Comments for your driver” section when making a booking.

Your driver will have the right to deny the transfer of anything exceeding either the passenger or luggage capacity, where this does not comply with local road and traffic safety regulations, or to protect the car from damage.

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